W. & L. Jordan GmbH - The Customer is our Central Concern

Founded in 1919 in Kassel, Germany, JORDAN offers a unique craftsmanship and specialized trade to hardware stores and discount shops under the brand JOKA and, since 2009, INKU (Austria).  JORDAN now has more than 1400employees and more than 71 branches throughout Germany and under its Austrian subsidiary INKU Jordan GmbH & Co. KG. 

JORDAN meets the individual needs of the residential and commercial market with a distinct, comprehensive assortment of products: resilient textile and elastic flooring, parquet and laminate flooring, curtains, fabrics and wallpapers, including tools and accessories – JORDAN offers professionals a complete spectrum of possibilities.

Immerse yourself in JOKA´s distinctive range of products!

Unsere Auszubildenden sind die Köpfe der Zukunft, ihre fundierte Ausbildung ist uns sehr wichtig. Vier unserer Azubis im Bereich Groß- und Außenhandel berichten davon, was ihre Ausbildung in unserem Familienunternehmen ausmacht.

More than two million square meters of flooring in stock

JOKA stands by its high-quality line of products.  Material and floor solutions for a variety residential and commercial needs are presented with a creative flair in elaborate collections such as „Classic“, „Deluxe“, and „Object“.  More than 2 million m² of floor coverings are stored in the central warehouses in Kassel and Erfurt and are available overnight in our various branches.  In addition, individual product designs can always be implemented according to specifications.  Furthermore, JORDAN provides sophisticated exhibitions and JORDAN specialists to provide professional advice for our customers' end-users, at any location, on request: an all-around, unique approach which clearly distinguishes JORDAN in the marketplace.

The customer is key

Founded in the year 1919, W. & L. Jordan GmbH has evolved from a local timber trading company to a future-oriented family enterprise in its third generation of ownership whose policy for its customer relations has always been based on trust.  The motto: everything must be catered to the needs of the customers.

More than 1400 employees, including 150 in the field, guarantee expert customer service throughout the nation as well as in neighboring countries.  For special matters, technical consultation is also available in the parquet service center in Kassel or the materials specialist department in Fulda or Cologne.

JORDAN is equally comfortable with promoting products and providing customer support through promotional appearances as it is at providing comprehensive training and educational seminars.  Moreover, JOKA & INKU expert consultants offer a wide range of services in cooperation with the customer to strengthen their competitive capability.

Our personalized project support, Germany-wide distribution network, attractive cost-performance ratio, guaranteed level of quality, and a manufacturer- and cross-product diverse range of goods, as well as the JOKA brand, are all essential factors from which JORDAN customers can benefit in the marketplace.