Business Principles

The needs of our customers determine our trade.
Our basic principles form the foundation of the path to future success. These place the customer at the centre of our trading. He should be highly satisfied with us, as well as our employees.

1. Trust is the basis for all internal and external business relationships with our employees, customers, suppliers, and any other partner.

2. A central focus on the customer is essential to our foundations and company motto as well as a prerequisite for any success, i.e. thinking in terms of the needs of the customer!  It means partnering with our customers by providing support in trade and commerce.

3. The customer expects more than just our goods.  For example, we outperform our competitors with a wider product line, quicker delivery, reliability at every level, professional consultation, thinking along the lines of partnership, and comprehensive and cost-compatible fulfillment of our customers' every needs.

4. People are at the center of all of our activities.  As a family business, we are committed to the welfare of our employees and their personal development.  We oppose any and all forms of discrimination and personal degradation  We show and ask for understanding and respect in our dealings with one another.  We appreciate the value of our long-term relationships with our customers, suppliers, and other business partners.

5. A focus on our employees' needs and development are the key requirements for success.  Empowered employees are successful employees.  Success secures and creates jobs.  Informed employees are motivated employees.  On these grounds, we desire multilevel, team-oriented communication.

6. Leadership and personal responsibility are essential building blocks of our success.  A clear leadership structure with target objectives and appropriate frameworks is based on delegation of responsibility and the employee's perceived expectations.  We believe in solid leadership based on personal example and characterized by modesty, trusting the employees, and promoting team spirit.  To ensure that this spirit of leadership endures, leadership development is a high priority.

7. Simple and uncomplicated organizational procedures create room for innovative and high-spirited sales (consistently straightforward).  We do everything we can to achieve our goals.

8. Awareness of all societal, environmental, and interpersonal responsibilities of our company's activities goes without saying for our employees and senior management.  This entails a conscientious use of resources through value-based management.

9. As a family-owned business, we have high standards of personal behavior.  Fairness and integrity guide our interactions with our business partners and the public.

10. Even after 100 years, the Jordan group remains family-owned. We are firmly convinced that this resulting long-term orientation is a particular strength that will benefit our customers and partners.  Therefore, the scope and pace of our strategic development and our willingness to take risks will be shaped by commercial integrity and financial soundness, now and in the future.