RAL Label

RAL Mark of Quality – your decision for dependable high quality

With Jordan, you purchase well.

Your expert wood dealer Jordan has already been repeatedly awarded multiple certificates.  These include, among others, the RAL Mark of Quality for the Timber Trade for exceptional standards and quality.

Information about RAL Mark of Quality

Neutrally and continuously monitored

Marks of quality characterize products and services which are produced or supplied in accordance with a strictly-defined criteria for quality.  Through an authentication process, RAL determines the Mark of Quality requirements for each category of products and services.  Manufacturers and distributors, retailers and consumers, and testing institutes and regulators are all included in this process.  These product- and service-specific quality criteria cover all aspects that are important and sensible for their use.  They are published by RAL and are available to everyone to see.

Quality labels are granted to manufacturers and service providers by RAL-recognized quality assurance associations.  These associations must prove, in a preliminary examination, that they comply with the relevant quality and testing regulations.  They are then required to undergo regular monitoring by a third party to ensure that they comply with these regulations.  Currently, there are over 170 quality marks featuring many thousands of products that are used by service providers. Only RAL  awards quality mark in Germany.  An overview of all quality labels are available in our quality mark index.