The foundation

On April 1, 1994, the W. & L. Jordan foundation was founded to promote training in the skilled tradecrafts, to ensure the quality of training programs, and to strengthen the overall skilled tradecrafts profession.

Each year, the board of directors for the foundation adjudicates the award of prizes, which have already reached a total value of more than 20000€.  At the beginning, only guilds in northern Hesse and Thuringia were supported, but since 2002, the foundation is involved across all industries and nationwide.

The W. &. L. Jordan Foundation Award has been awarded over 30 times to journeymen or masters of various district boards and guilds.  Meanwhile, the foundation's mission has been extended to support needy people in the skilled tradecraft industry and their familes – a decision which, for instance, benefited victims of the 2002 flood disaster in central Europe.